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How can I make Opal foolproof?

Opal is a powerful tool designed to help you stay focused and productive by managing your screen time and reducing distractions.

To make Opal foolproof, you can set up advanced features that will ensure sure you can't cancel, bypass or change the restrictions you put in place.

Here's are three essential steps we recommend that should take 7 min to set up:

1. Use Deep Focus Mode [Set up time: 1 min]

Session difficulty allows you to customize how you want Opal to work during sessions.

Deep Focus is the hardcore option, you can't take any breaks, leave early or edit blocked apps (even if you try). Extremely effective at keeping distractions at bay.

‍2. Lock Your Screen Time Access [Set up time: 5 min]

Locking screen time access will prevent anyone from disabling Opal's features during a focus session. Follow these steps to enable this feature. It should take less than 5 minutes to set up if you follow the steps precisely.

3. Set Uninstall Protection [Set up time: 1 min]

Uninstall Protection is a feature that ensures your commitment to focus sessions by preventing you from uninstalling apps without ending the Opal blocking session. To enable Uninstall Protection, follow these steps:

  • Open Opal: Launch the Opal app on your device.
  • Access Settings: Accessible from the top right corner of your Profile.
  • Navigate to Blocking Preferences: Within the Settings menu, scroll down to"Blocking Preferences".
  • Enable Uninstall Protection: Look for "App Uninstall Protection" and toggle it to the "ON" position. This feature will now prevent you from uninstalling apps during Opal's blocking sessions.
  • Remember: You won't be able to disable Uninstall Protection while in a Deep Focus session.


That's it! Enjoy your focused time.

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