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How Does Opal Work? (iOS)

Opal lets you measure your focus, block distractions, automate your days and more. In order to do this, Opal uses Apple's Screen Time API technology, which requires you to give permission.


You can find a full list of Opal features here.


Give Opal permission

When you install Opal, your iPhone will ask you for permission to β€œAllow Opal to Manage Restrictions". You have to hit "Allow" and then you will see the screen below.

Once Opal is approved to manage restrictions, you will be able to experience the magic of Opal blocking distracting apps.

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We take privacy very seriously. Unlike most apps, we make sure browsing and app usage data never leaves your device. Whenever possible, we will keep your data on your phone (client) and never store your data on our servers.


Read more:

What do you do with my data?

For details, please read our Privacy Policy carefully.


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