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Can we split up Facebook and Messenger? (iOS 15 and prior)

This article only applies to the old version of Opal (on iOS 15 or prior). Here’s why you should upgrade to iOS 16 and experience the new Opal.

Unfortunately, Facebook uses the same servers for Messenger and Instagram so there's no way to unbundle those services with Opal on iOS 15 and prior. This is now possible with the new Opal on iOS 16. You can download it here.

If you are still on iOS 15 and prior, however, that is possible with Shortcuts Automation!

You can block Facebook, and still use Facebook Messenger via shortcuts, you can block any apps this way even if they are not on Opal’s list of apps without using the "All Internet" feature.

Here is how to do it:

1 - Open the Shortcuts apps

2 - Go to the tab Automation

3 - Create personal automation

4- Select app

5- Select the app you want to block, and make sure the "is opened" item is selected6- select "add action" and choose "Block app Open" provided by the opal app

7 - Tap on "App (must be selected)" and choose the app you want to block or "This app" if the app is not in the list

8 - on the next screen, unselect "Ask before running"

9 - tap done


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