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How does Opal work? (on iOS 15 or Prior)

This article only applies to the old version of Opal (on iOS 15 or prior). Here’s why you should upgrade to iOS 16 and experience the new Opal.

The core functionality of Opal's app is to disconnect distracting apps. In order to do this, Opal uses Apple's Local VPN technology, which requires you to give permission. There is no other way to do this on iPhone (Apple limitations).

Please note:

  • Because this VPN is local, this means that all of your browsing data stays on your device.
  • Also, it doesn't affect connection speed.
  • You can enable / disable Opal's VPN at any time from the app's settings screen.

Give Opal permission

When you install Opal, your iPhone will ask you for permission to install "add VPN configurations". You have to hit "allow" and follow the steps in order to set up Opal correctly.

Disconnecting apps

We don't prevent you from opening the app, we simply block its connection to the internet, rendering the app useless. This means that sometimes it may take a few seconds (or quitting and relaunching your blocked app) for Opal to start blocking.

Note: you will still be able to receive some notifications from apps that Opal is blocking.


We take privacy very seriously. Unlike most apps, we make sure private browsing data never leaves your device. Whenever possible, we will keep your data on your phone (client) and never store your data on our servers.

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