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My internet stopped working (iOS)

TLDR: Sorry to hear you're having trouble! Apple VPNs sometimes get stuck in a "bad state" which blocks internet. The best way is to uninstall Opal and reinstall.

We are aware of an issue where Opal's VPN gets into a bad state and and internet connection can stop working.


You may be affected by the issue if you see the following:

  • the VPN badge on your phone (top right, where you would normally see 3G, 4G or Wifi) is cycling on and off
  • Your wifi connection stops working, while cellular stays functional.

What to do about it.

Unfortunately this issue is on Apple's side, and the only remedy we know is to reinstall Opal entirely.

  • delete the Opal app,
  • restart your phone,
  • reinstall Opal. If you have a paid subscription, hit "Restore subscription" on the paywall screen during the onboarding.You're back! everything should work.