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What is Always-On VPN? (iOS 15 and prior)

This article only applies to the old version of Opal (on iOS 15 or prior). Here’s why you should upgrade to iOS 16 and experience the new Opal.

In order to use schedules and disconnect apps in the background, Opal needs the VPN to remain "on" even while you are not in an active session. Don't worry, your private data never leaves your device.

How do I find Always-on VPN?

The Always-on VPN toggle is accessible from the app's settings screen.

Why do I need Always-on VPN?

By default, you don't. The VPN will connect on-demand.

When you start an Opal session (regular or focus) : the VPN will automatically connect and start disconnecting apps, and when you end the session the VPN will disconnect automatically in the background.

However, if you create a schedule, you will be asked to enable “Always-on VPN”, which means the VPN will run in the background. This is necessary in order for Opal to start disconnecting apps in the background at your scheduled time.

As always, Opal works only from your phone, no private browsing data is shared on our servers.

Of course, when you are not in a session Opal will not disconnect any apps so it should not affect your experience.

How do I check the VPN status?

You can tell that the VPN is connected or disconnected at any time in Opal settings, or by the VPN label on your iPhone status bar.

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