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What is Time Saved? (iOS 15 and prior)

This article only applies to the old version of Opal (on iOS 15 or prior). Here’s why you should upgrade to iOS 16 and experience the new Opal.

Opal helps you gain control over your phone, saving you valuable time that you can choose to spend in a more meaningful way. Time Saved is an estimate of the amount of time you saved thanks to Opal. This metric is visible from the Opal app's home screen and your profile screen.

What Time Saved means

Each time Opal prevents you from opening and spending time on a distracting app, Opal has saved you time so you can decide to spend it on better things. Time Saved is an estimate of how much time you have saved.

How Time Saved is calculated

Opal's teams have analyzed network connectivity patterns of hundreds of apps to correlate them with human behavior, and calculate Time Saved.

Time Saved takes into account the amount and type of network requests that Opal blocks, as well as the length of your Opal sessions.

For example, we know that if you open the Twitter App and start scrolling, you are likely to spend an average of 6 minutes on Twitter. When you open the Twitter app, your phone connects to Twitter servers in a specific way that we can identify. Since we are blocking these connections, we are saving you that time.

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